About Kerry Graham

Beginning golf at nine years of age, Kerry Graham played junior golf competitively in the summers of Wyoming, and then in college at Arizona State University. Kerry earned a B.A. degree from ASU and a M.Ed. in Learning Psychology. She began her professional golf career teaching and working in a golf shop at a retirement community in Arizona.

For the next 45 years Kerry journeyed through the golf industry as an instructor, club fitter, college coach, golf shop merchandiser, country club manager, and working on golf course design teams. In 1985, Kerry entered into leadership for the LPGA—first as Sectional President and National Education Committee member and then, from 1987 to 1993, as National LPGA Teaching Division President.

During those six years, Kerry led initiatives to found the LPGA Girls Golf Club, the LPGA Urban Youth Golf Program (the forerunner of The First Tee), the Executive Women's Golf Association (EWG) and the Women's Golf Summit industry meetings. During those years, she led the LPGA Teaching Division to continue emphasis and improvement in the Teacher Training and Certification program.

Kerry Graham

Golf Course

After serving as LPGA National President, Kerry turned her energy to help the golf agendas in the state of Arizona. She served on the Junior Golf Association of Arizona Board and Foundation, both as a board member and President. She also served on the Board of Governors of the Phoenix based LPGA Tournament for 15 years.

Through the years Kerry has been recognized with many golf industry awards, including the Graffis Award for Education, the Patty Berg Award, the LPGA Commissioner's Award, the Women's Sports Foundation President's Award, LPGA Ellen Griffin Award. She is a member of the Arizona Golf Hall of Fame and the LPGA T&CP Division Hall of Fame.

Kerry is very grateful for all the great golf experiences she has had. She is "most grateful and passionate about her golf instruction and coaching career." With a Masters in Learning Psychology, she has developed strategies to "identify an individual's learning styles, keep instruction very focused and simple, and assist each student to identify how to best accomplish their goals in learning and playing golf."

As Kerry says, "Golf instruction is very important to golfers and the golf industry. With better instruction, golfers can experience more joy in the game and it will contribute to the growth of the golf industry. It is time for the industry to evaluate and encourage enhancement of the golf instruction methods and training. I hope my new book will contribute to that evaluation and conversation."

Kerry lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and teaches golf at the Papago Golf Course. Her Arizona family includes children, grandchildren, and her many golf students.

About Ricki Linksman

Ricki Linksman has been called "The World's Best Accelerated Learning and Reading Expert." She is a noted educator, author, and public speaker on the topic of reading improvement, accelerated learning, and learning styles. Her programs have been used in schools as well as by parents throughout the United States and in many foreign countries. In addition, Ricki has worked with professional athletes and teams to create better performance and team integration.

Ricki Linksman

Ricki Linksman is the founder-director of the National Reading Diagnostics Institute and Keys Learning in Naperville, Illinois. The National Reading Diagnostics Institute and Keys Learning is a parent and teacher training institution that teaches the skills of accelerated learning strategies for reading and content area subjects to help every child or teen be successful in the shortest possible time.

Before founding the National Reading Diagnostics Institute and Keys Learning, Ricki spent 35 years as an elementary school through high school teacher. In the school system, she was also a reading specialist, curriculum developer in the field of reading and language arts, gifted teacher, curriculum developer, and Chapter I (Title I) reading teacher. She spent time as an instructor of graduate education college courses, training teachers in reading instruction and accelerated learning.

She is the author of over a dozen books on reading and accelerated learning and learning styles. Her books and programs include:

• How to Learn Anything Quickly: Quick, Easy Tips to Improve Memory, Reading Comprehension, Test-Taking Skills, and Learning through the Brain's Fastest Learning Style

• Solving Your Child's Reading Problems, and Your Child Can Be a Great Reader.

• The Fine Line between ADHD and Kinesthetic Learners: 197 Kinesthetic Activities to Quickly Improve Reading, Memory, and Learning in Just 10 Weeks: The Ultimate Parent Handbook for ADHD, ADD, and Kinesthetic Learners

• Keys to Reading Success, an Online Reading Program That Provides a Reading Diagnosis, Phonics Diagnosis, and Superlinks Accelerated Learning Assessment

• Off the Wall Phonics, Accelerated Phonics for Kinesthetic Learners, ADHD, ADD, or Kids Who Like to Move Fast

Ricki Linksman graduated from Hunter College of City University of New York, and has a M.Ed. from Florida Atlantic University. She lives in Naperville, Illinois, with her husband, Jay, and family.

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