Testimonials from Kerry Graham's Golf Clients

"I'm over the top excited about your book!! Because of you I am confident and able to actually show up at any local course and play. I LOVE approaching the ball with only "one" thought. Adjusting all my golf clubs to fit me and all that you've shared with me during our handful of lessons has made "the difference" in my ability. " — Kelly M.

"Kerry allowed me to “own” my swing, keep it simple, stay in balance, visualize, and stay in the moment. When you learn to have fun with the “Kerry Method” and then get fitted to clubs that match “your swing”, you will have a game you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Don’t miss out!" — Marv F.

"I had given up golf for many years because of what I thought was a congenital slice when I happened to meet Kerry Graham. In 15 minutes she cured the slice and now has me firmly believing that the only problem with my golf game is between my ears and we are solving that together. " — E.B.

"I have worked with Kerry for over 10 years and her system has helped me take my junior golf career go to a higher level. Thanks to her I reached my goal of becoming a Division 1 student-athlete! What’s incredible about PMG is that it can be applied in other aspects of your life. I will forever be grateful for Kerry and her PMG system for changing my life!" —Daffodil S.

"I enjoy competitive golf. With your help I have improved my focus and my “self talk” is more positive. I have developed more confidence in my swing and lowered my handicap. I have really enjoyed our time together.
Thank you for all your help." — Janet T.

"After years of over thinking and falling apart in the Big Pressure Situations, I have learned to stop the over thinking and now play so much better under pressure." — Scott S.

"I finally found how I can play naturally. I play a lot of sports and golf always seemed awkward and uncomfortable. I am tall and always wanted longer clubs. Now I have my longer clubs and can stand tall and the swing is so much easier. With the right fit clubs and better mental organization, golf is now fun and so much more natural." — Danny W.

"Approaching the ball with an organized thought process has helped me stay relaxed and find my natural swing - thank you Kerry!" — Pam M.

"I have taken lessons from many good teachers. The system that Kerry has created is incredible - like no other instruction I have ever taken or heard of. My handicap went down 10 strokes in just 3 months." — Brandon T.

"After many years of confusing lessons and frustrating rounds I was very close to giving up my golf game when a friend recommended Kerry to me. Hearing of my recent struggles and scores of 120 or more, she suggested I give Kerry a try but I really wasn’t interested in another lesson that would change yet another thing about my swing. It took me a few more aggravating rounds before I finally gave Kerry a call and today I am so grateful I found her! In just a few short months Kerry has helped me manage my thoughts, get my old natural golf swing back, and really enjoy the game again! I’m consistently shooting mid to low 90s now and truly believe scoring in the 80s is just around the corner! I have my game back, I’m having fun playing, and I am so very thankful for Kerry who helped me find my confidence in me and my love for the game again." — Cynde W

"I was a 4 Handicap Golfer and had a Traumatic Brain Injury a few years ago. Kerry and her focus on mental strength has brought happiness back to my golf game." — Mike M.

"As a college golfer embarking on a professional career, Kerry has given me the best gift a teacher can give - security and independence. Kerry has given me peace of mind on the course. She has given me the tools to coach myself in competition and get back on track when I fall off, which gives me the keys to taking my game to the next level." — Jacquie L.

"I have great news, I just shot 75 at TPC Las Vegas! I had tears in my eyes on the last two holes. I kept my mind clear all day and never had one loss of focus. You are the best coach ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" — Hank

"Cliff and I want to thank you for all your help in improving our game this season. Cliff is much happier with his game and says he is enjoying playing once again. I found your counsel and instructions straightforward and very helpful. You were generous with your time and went beyond our expectations in our series of lessons. Your written review of our work together is so very much appreciated." — Sylvia and Cliff

"As a fairly new golfer, I had a number of issues that you were able to address right off the bat and make my swing more predictable and robust. I have enjoyed our lessons tremendously, and I have really improved my distance and short game and my scores as a result. What I appreciate the most about your teaching style is your careful attention to the type of learning that each person is best at. I feel that the lessons you have given me will "stick" because you have spoken to my learning style. I definitely want to keep working with you because you have been a very responsive, timely, available, and cheerful teacher." — Nancy

"Thanks so much. I have been struggling with the 50 yard wedge shot for years. In less than an hour you detected the wrist, hand problem that was causing the thin and right shots. My scores are getting better every game now." — Scott

"The lesson for my wife while we were on our vacation was incredible. In just a couple of hours you made it simple but changed her game and gave her great confidence. We played after the lesson and Mindy is really ready to commit to the game. Thank you." — Gene

"Thanks for working with my son. You have kept it simple and fun while working on all aspects of the game. And boy, has his golf game improved." — Mark

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