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Welcome to learning how YOU process information – Get into the ZONE! Click the BUTTON below to go to THE SUPERLINKS TEST.

This test has been the leading Learning Style Assessment in the Learning Industry for over 20 years and written by Ricki Linksman, Co-Editor of The Power of Mental Golf.

The Link will take you to the SUPERLINKS website where you will be guided to purchase access to the TEST and receive the results immediately. With those results you will use Chapter 1 in the Power of Mental Golf book to identify how knowing and using your Learning Styles in your golf game will assist in your learning and focus in practice and on the course.


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The Retail Price for the SUPERLINKS TEST and RESULTS is $40.
With the Deep Discount Code PMG18 for Power of Mental Golf Book readers, your discount price as a Power Mental Golf reader will be $12.99.

After paying by PayPal or Credit Card,  you will receive a receipt email and an email assigning your ID and Password with a link taking you directly to the Superlinks Test. Save your ID and PW. It is good for 1 year. At the Superlinks Site, you will be taking 2 tests - Learning Style Preference (LS) and Brain Hemispheric Preference (BH). While taking the tests, you may exit at any time and re-enter with your ID and PW. Upon completion of both tests, you will be given immediate results in a lengthy report. Print and read that report and then return to Chapter 1 of The Power of Mental Golf  to apply your preferences to your golf game. If the Test process is running too slowly, please exit and re-enter with your ID and PW in the next hour. Occasionally the Testing Site is very busy.

If you have technical problems or questions, contact Superlinks.
Phone: (630) 717-4221 or Email: